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  Monique Powell's Gallery

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Encouraged by the artistic talents of her Dutch and Flemish
parents being creative came naturally to Monique. She has fond
memories of colouring, drawing and painting as a child.
After studying art at Westminster Secondary School, she
continued her education in Design at Fanshawe College. During the
work cooperatives at Eclipse 3 Design, she discovered art was not a
career but a passion for her only to be reintroduced later in life.
In recent years she started drawing again using chalk pastels
gifting animal portraits to friends. Her husband Tom fondly refers to
these paintings as part of the “Dead Pet Series”.
She has become inspired by the different cultures and scenery.
Her belief is each person takes something a little different from places
visited just like viewing the same work of art. Using her travel
photographs for ideas she shifted to people and landscapes
branching out into Acrylic painting.
After her first showing at the Westland Gallery Square Foot
Show in 2018, her acrylic painting of a Peruvian Women “Arniano”
(little lamb) was selected for the opening of the Brescia University
College Centennial Art Exhibition in January 2019.
She is passionate about the impressionist works of Monet,
Renoir and the Sunflowers of Van Gogh. She continues to challenge
herself with the water colours, particularly Chinese Painting. She is
now taking formal instruction and recently joined the 

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