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 Events & News 

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This show will be held at Westland Gallery, 156 Wortley Road, London. It includes paintings by our member, Susan Garrington, and other artists - Nicole Allen, Peggy Ann Turner, Stephanie Fehrenbach, Petra Zantingh and Agnetta Dolman.  Susan will be doing a demo on March 4th from 1pm to 3pm.


Our member, Rosemary Nagel, and her husband, Patrick Harding  have recently created and designed a new board game, entitled “Starving Artists: More than One Way to Sell Your Art”.  It has been test-driven by several artists who commented that it  is not only fun but realistic!


The game will initially be played by members of the Port Stanley Artists’ Guild meeting on March 5th, 2023. The game involves moving around the board using tiny paintings which players  try and sell. The chance cards are “good and bad news”. The object of the game is to sell the most paintings for the most money! Of course, there are “fabulous prizes”!  Both Rosemary and Patrick have experience designing board games and look forward to the launch of “Starving Artists”.

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