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Heather Peel's Gallery

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Heather Peel

Heather loves to learn new and creative ways to create art.  Man-made structures such as windmills and old houses as a focal point are favourite subjects and she loves painting natural environments visited such as the beautiful rock formations and lakes in Northern Ontario.  Cycling and paddling are two favourite things she loves and a lot of inspiration comes from these outdoor adventures.

She finds that watercolour is both a challenging and rewarding medium to work in, but is always trying new mediums and techniques. Other mediums she uses are acrylics, oil and soft pastels and attends many workshops to explore these further.  She has been painting since 2018 and has taken many classes with watercolour instructors Hilda Markson Gray and Wendy Jennings.

Heather is a member of Lambeth Art Association (since 2023) and past president of London Community Artists (since 2018).


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