Gray Light Lunch
Macfarlane Rosseau Falls
vermeulen feather lite
Garrington Tender Mercies
Deckert Island Paradise
Verbakel Purple Tulip
Spersrud Sunflowers
Roschkov Final Destination
Mary Lou Roberts Double Parked   16 X 20  Framed Watercolour 300.00
Ogglesby What the Duck
McManiman Lycaon pictus-Still Endangered-Oil 24x30-framed 2100
Leitch Japanese Garden
Kovacevic On the Other Side
Koudonis VROOM
Hurren Ontario Autumn Grasslands #2
Johnson Ruddy Turnstone
Griffith Harris Medway Valley
Garrett Sheep Grazing
Burke Fog
Curtis Northern Winter
Connidis Winter Solitude
Carver Sharon Creek
Baratta Posted
Kumpf Sun Splashed Day
Kohl Birch & Red Maples
Grady Northern Pine
Pigott Thames River From the Bike Path
Onishi Pink Landscape
McCabe Finding Bliss
Nagel Purple Jam
Ludgate Coffee in the Afternoon
B Mackenzie Walking in the Rain
Thuss Kaleidoscope Skies
B Stewart Blue Jay on Red Bucket
M Stewart I Need a Hug
Ross Cityscape #4
Rolston Sunset in the Birches
Roberts Shades of Summer
Rintoul Orange Lilies
Reid Urban Hills
Rae Take These Wings and Fly
Husnik Salamanca Cathedral, Spain
Goodmurphy Poppies
Gifford sunflowers
Fuchs Tuk Boy
Eichstedt Picton House
Cowling This Flight
Bruzas Pears on Lace
Burghardt Skyscape

 We are hoping to be able to hold our annual spring show at Lambeth United Church this year.  Our members have been painting throughout the pandemic.  You can view their work in their galleries.


Lambeth Art Association encourages emerging artists, fosters relationships between local artists of all skill levels living in the London, Ontario area, and provides educational opportunities. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook.  

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