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    Sarah Cowling's Gallery

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Sarah has been painting since 1996.  Her education consists of a B.A. in History, a B.of Ed., and she has attended a number of art classes through UWO, Fanshawe College, Haliburton School of the Arts, St. Lawrence College and assorted workshops.

Sarah likes to work in collage in combination with acrylic paint. In the last few years, she has
chosen to concentrate on issues of women and fashion (fashion magazine series), childhood
memories (paper doll series) and an interest in the history of afternoon tea (tea series). Her newest series includes resin off pourings, paper and cloth.
Sarah is a member of the Brush and Palette Club, the Gallery Painting Group, and the Lambeth
Art Association. She participates yearly in the group shows of these clubs and at the Westland
Gallery's Miniature and Square Foot Shows. Sarah has had two solo exhibitions at The Arts
Project, London in 2010 and 2013.

For more examples of Sarah’s art work, check out her blog – or follow her on Instagram.

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