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Mary Lou Roberts grew up in Rural East London On.  Her back yard was the rolling banks of the Thames River.  She spent many hours exploring, collecting frogs and snakes that her mother just couldn't appreciate.  Mary Lou loved the outdoors and she was seldom found lounging at home.

Her interest in art began around the 6th grade when she won an award for some pottery bowls she made.  She was the only student to win an Art award in grade 8, which encouraged her to take an art credit in high school.

Mary Lou discovered Dough Art while she was raising her three sons.  She answered an ad in the London Free Press looking for people to make dough figures.  She was hired, and her dough art career in the cottage industry was born.  She worked from her kitchen table and made money while satisfying her creative side.  

Many times over the years she was asked "Why don't you write a Dough Art Book?"  That she did, and in 1991 she had a book published called "Dough Dollies". 

As her boys were grown up, and with the encouragement of a friend, she took art classes with London artists Ken W Jackson.  She now paints in watercolour, and has exhibited some of her work at Westland Gallery, Westmount Library, For the Love of Art, Womens Lifestyle Show and Paint Ontario.

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