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 Heather Kohl's Gallery

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Heather is a contemporary representational painter who lives and works near London, Ontario, Canada.  Throughout her childhood her father’s job required that he and the family move frequently. They traveled throughout Canada by automobile. She has lived from Vancouver Island, BC to Digby, NS and many places in between.  Heather fell in love with the Canadian landscape as a child and began to draw and paint from memory the rocks, trees and water that she had seen.  As a child she won several art awards for her work while in school.  Heather is primarily self taught and often paints landscapes from memory. She has studied with several well known Ontario artists, each of whom has influenced her painting style.

As an adult she first painted bright, colourful, abstract paintings in acrylic which have found homes across Canada, USA and as far away as Norway. Heather experienced a concussion in 2017 and struggled to paint at all for several years after that injury.  She now paints large, colourful, picturesque Canadian landscapes with contrasting and harmonious colors in bold compositions.  Her style draws you into the scene to rest and she attempts to promote peace in your soul.

Heather’s artwork has been shown in local art guild exhibitions and gallery shows in the London area.

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