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  Dorothy Macfarlane's Gallery

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Dorothy has experienced life in many countries. She was born in Paraguay and lived there, in a small town, until she was eight. She attended high school in Buenos Aires, Argentina and as an adult she spent six years working in Mexico City with her husband and children.


Art was always one of Dorothy’s favourite courses in high school and as an elementary school teacher in Toronto and London. However, it was not until she retired that she had the time to focus on the adventures of the visual arts. She has taken art courses from Cheryl O in drawing and painting. The motivation and subject matter for her paintings often comes from the wonderful places she has visited in Ontario, British Columbia, England or Kenya. By continuing to take courses she is challenged to develop her techniques as well as to try new approaches. She works in acrylics and oils and has painted landscapes, flowers and portraits.


Dorothy lives in London and her week is often busy with volunteer work at church or with ESL classes for new immigrants.

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